Women in Health Tech Entrepreneurs AXA Health Tech & You Awards - Profile: Marija Butkovic

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Our founder and CEO Marija Butkovic has been interview by AXA PPP Healthcare as part of their interview series with female founders and entrepreneurs in health tech space, about her journey in the world of wearable tech and health tech. 

How would you describe your journey in health tech?

The digital health field has been growing exponentially over the last number of years. I’ve become increasingly interested in health tech ever since I started Women of Wearables in 2016. My co-founder Michelle (who has now become WoW Manchester Ambassador) and I had our own wearable tech startups at that time, but very soon realised there isn’t enough support for women in wearable tech, digital health, fashion tech, IoT, VR and AR industries. That’s how Women of Wearables was born. Today, a year and a half later, I’m proud to say WoW has grown to a community of 8000+ members and 50+ partners in more than 20 countries around the globe. Our mission is not only to support and connect women in these industries, but also to encourage more women and diverse teams to participate in building hardware and software products as designers, product managers and developers or being founders of their own companies, as well as create more jobs for women in STEM. Of course, WoW is not just for professional women, but for anyone with an interest in wearable technology and providing women with a platform for growth.

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