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Connected breastfeeding is about more than convenience

Milky boobs are harder to handle than you might expect. They leak and can be incredibly painful if the breast milk isn't regularly drained, either into a baby or a bottle for safekeeping. Even women who use wearable tech to track all kinds of bodily functions still face age-old challenges when it comes to breastfeeding.

"For decades, women have struggled to keep nursing," says  Kristy Burns, VP of marketing at Willow. "Often because they have to stop what they are doing and get to a private place to pump."

New parents also struggle to manage feeding schedules and measure how much milk the infant consumes straight from the breast. Luckily, there are now several tech startups developing wearables that tackle the complex science of breast milk.

Willow, one of the leading startups in this space, was founded in 2014 and finally debuted its hands-free, cordless breast pump at CES in January. The dual device, one tear-drop shaped pump for each breast, is so compact it can be inserted inside a bra. It's also reportedly much quieter than traditional breast pumps and connects with an app that creates a timeline for milk volume, which helps women understand their bodies and manage their schedules.

"We listened, really listened to first-time moms, experienced moms, lactation consultants and doctors," Burns says. "We didn't feel improving on current technology would be enough."


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