Five Pieces of Beautiful, Life-Enhancing Wearable Tech that Live Up to the Hype

From colour-changing jewellery to self-heating coats, Women of Wearables co-founder Marija Butkovic picks the female-focused wearables to invest in now

Words by Marija Butkovic

The wearable tech world is notoriously big on anticipation and weak on delivery. With more and more devices and gadgets coming to the market, it’s not easy to distinguish which are gimmicks and which are gold dust. It’s even harder to find ones that don’t look like they’ve been cobbled together in a 12-year-old boy’s garage.

The best wearables need to look like a part of us. Fashion is an extension of our personality – so shouldn’t wearables be the same? Hiding their status as devices, while quietly getting on with the job. Yet few wearables are built and designed with women’s (life)styles or needs in mind. It’s a frustration we discuss time and again in Women Of Wearables, the community for female wearable designers I co-founded last year.

The good news is that there are some hero products already on the market: female-centric wearables that provide real value to our everyday lives while making us look timelessly fashionable. Here are my favourite five...

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