Startacus interviews Women of Wearables

No one could deny that technology is a pretty exciting field to be working in right now. Despite some trepidation from the more cynical amongst us, virtual realityaugmented realitywearable technology, and fashion technology have all seen a rapid upswing in development- typical of technologies which are moving away from mere novelty, towards a more mainstream presence.

In the recent past, there has been an explicit drive encouraging women to enter what has traditionally been seen as a male-dominated industry, with many believing that technological development as a whole has suffered from a chronic underrepresentation of women.

This remains a very loaded issue. For reasons related to fair and equitable treatment some are opposed to schemes or programmes which seem to direct assistance towards one particular gender, whilst others believe that targeted support for underrepresented factions can only be a good thing- not just for those directly involved, but for everyone in our society, who will benefit from their skill and ingenuity.  

Women Of Wearables is an organisation which holds the latter opinion in high regard. Founders Michelle Hua and Marija Butkovic are both ex-lawyers turned entrepreneurs responsible for founding wearable tech startups Made With Glove and Kisha Smart Umbrella, who are now on a mission to help other women fulfil their potential in the world of tech.   

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