Engineering & Technology magazine interviews WoW co-founders Marija Butkovic and Michelle Hua

What women want from wearable technology

A male-dominated workforce in the wearable technology market is isolating female consumers. A new organisation is striving to bridge this gap by encouraging female designers to unite and become the Women of Wearables.

It’s no secret that careers in engineering and technology-related disciplines tend to have a male-focused workforce. In the case of wearable technology, this not only reflects an under-representation of women in the workplace, but it can also lead to the creation of devices which are inherently more male-focused.

In the last few years the wearables market in the UK has witnessed unprecedented growth, with a recent study from YouGov highlighting that the number of people who own a wearable device has risen from just two per cent to 17 per cent since the summer of 2014. There are plenty of fitness trackers on the market now, but there is still no hiding from the fact that many of these devices are created by men for men.

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