Heidi Angove is Women of Wearables ambassador in Adelaide, Australia. Primarily, Heidi Angove is a geek. Over the years this has meant she’s been lucky enough to work in a couple of very different worlds: telecommunications and IT, and the Arts and Technology sector. Mainly, writing code in PHP, perl and Python, as well as hacking hardware makes her happy. She presently holds a wonderfully diverse position as the Operations Manager for Base64, Tech Evangelist Simon Hackett’s post Internode adventure. A day in her working life might see her working on Large Scale Batteries to see the Base64 co-working space site go off grid, working with the residents, hosting technology based workshops and meetings and assisting in IT strategies for a variety of businesses. She’s also embarked upon a social enterprise startup Women of Steele. Arts wise she’s served as the General Manager of ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology), been a member of a number of Boards, made portable ‘backpack’ internet radio stations, interactive audience controllers for theatre, rebuilt old rotary phones and connected them to the internet to make audio storytelling projects and a bunch more tech based stuff. She loves art, food, books and doing geeky things with any or all of the aforementioned.

Connect with Heidi on Twitter: Heidi Angove or LinkedIn: Heidi Angove