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Our business and marketing workshops are for small business owners and startups with an aim of improving brand awareness, equipping them with most important skills they need to run their own marketing and social media and / or getting more traffic and sales from their marketing efforts.

Our workshops are run by our founder and CEO Marija Butkovic, digital marketing and PR strategist and business advisor. Topics of her expertise include:

  • How to build a personal brand
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Events management
  • Press and media relations
  • Launch and expansion strategy
  • Product launch strategy
  • Community building

For more information about Marija's workshops get in touch via email at or follow her on Twitter @MarijaButkovic

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Darya Yegorina is Women of Wearables Ambassador in Dublin, Ireland. She is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of CleverBooks and other ventures in multiple industries. Darya is called the Innovator by Irish Times, Irish Tech News and Examiner in 2017, was featured in Forbes and selected as one of young Irish best entrepreneurs in 2016.

Darya's Bootstrapping Essentials Workshop are designed for bootstrapping entrepreneurs who have just started to shape their idea into a business. The aim of the workshop is to equip attendees with necessary tools to start and run a small business, find leads and contacts, get website up and running, use free SEO tips and other tools, do a market research, writing e-mails and e-mail marketing, business canvas and why it's time efficient for startup compared to a business plan; alternative business planning instruments, creative problem solving, how to start when you have no or very low budget, etc. All the above are backed up by practical tools, cases from practice and links to free available resources and instruments.

For more information about Darya's workshops, contact or connect with Darya via LinkedIn