Huffington Post | Women in Business Q&A: Marija Butkovic​, Women of Wearables

Maria Butkovic is a digital marketing and business consultant who has worked across a range of projects in different industry sectors, including legal, journalism, tech, IoT, wearable tech and fashion. She is also a co-founder of Kisha Smart Umbrella - a wearable tech startup behind the world’s smartest fashion tech umbrella, and Women of Wearables - UK’s and Europe’s first organisation aiming to support, connect and mentor women in wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT and VR/AR. In both businesses she also performs the role of a digital marketer and PR strategist. She is member of ech London Advocate - an organisation aiming to support technology startups in finding new investment, new talent and achieving high growth and omen Techmaker - Google’s global program providing visibility, community and resources for women in technology. She currently works with startup accelerators and incubators in London and worldwide on delivering help as a mentor and advisor. Prior to working in the tech industry, Marija was a corporate lawyer and consultant for legal trade journals. She holds a Master of Laws degree from Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka, Croatia, and was also awarded a diploma from the Startup Institut in London.

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