Women of Wearables & Bose AR - New York May meetup

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Wow… what a great event! Over 100+ Wowsers braved the downpour to attend Bose AR x WoW: Let's Discuss Wearables event in New York on 29th of May. We had a great panel, demos, giveaways and more thanks to the fabulous BOSE AR team. Our panelists were phenomenal, thank you Nadine Farah, Sarah Fecko, Jessica Brillhart, Jacqueline Bosnjak and Katya Stepanov. Special thanks to Company, our gracious and beautiful venue partner of the evening.

But you guys were the stars! You come out in the rain, sleet and snow, you give us great feedback/suggestions and roll up your sleeves when we need help. Truly couldn't ask for a more proactive community and we appreciate you. Thank You!  

Last but not least, a special thank you to our content partner Verse and Sam Fagbamkgbe of Growth Over Status, who provided the pictures below. Stay tuned for our interactive video recap of the event.


Have you heard about our WoW Pitch challenge with Bose AR? Winners will receive a free pair of Bose Frames and Bose 700s to help further their mobile app concept! Deadline: June 30th    


Heads up & Hands Free: How well does the idea or experience leverage the unique capabilities of the Bose AR platform and Bose Wearable hardware?

Innovation: How innovative of an idea is being proposed?

Completeness: What stage of application has been demonstrated? E.g. Pure ideation, pseudocode, proof of concept, prototype, etc.

Presentation: How well did the storyboard demonstrate the idea, target audience, and use cases. Would you want to use this product?

Customer Value / Market Readiness: Is there a need for this experience, idea, or technology? Is this mobile application solving a problem or making an impact which is not currently being met with today’s technology?

Feasibility: Is the idea or experience technically and practically feasible?

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