Technology to Live For: Games, Glasses and Holograms


As much as technology has evolved, distancing people from basic, natural life, its industry’s ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate the digital world with the real. So far, in terms of entertainment, the best that has been managed is to mimic or enhance reality with the likes of VR, AR and Live game technologies. However, such attempts have yielded a range of successful products that consumers have accepted into their daily lives. The widespread use of mobile technology has also contributed to the demand for greater originality and practicality.

Smart Glasses

Every luxury that was made for a smartphone can now be found in high tech eyewear. If there’s anything Augmented Reality can be proud of, it’s the perfect match it has found for itself in the form of products like the Vuzix Blade. Among the impressive features listed on Lifewire, including the glasses’ access to Alexa, touchpad technology and smartphone connectivity, is their ability to project a full-color, Digital Light Processing (DLP) display on the right lens that can show videos, messages, and any desired information, as well as record Full HD (1080p) videos and play music at the same time. Handy and fashionable, no app or game will feel the same after experiencing the freedom of smart glasses.

Live Gaming

A market where this type of technology is most popular is that of online casinos. Some players may be content with the high-quality graphics of virtual slot games, while others are eager to honour developers’ next best thing. Studios, cameras and live streaming are among the elements involved in creating these poker, blackjack and roulette titles explained on the best Canadian casino game guide, Players are welcomed by real dealers with real cards and physical roulette wheels and settings to be interacted with via click or tap. Advanced technological features, like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and RFID chips are applied in order to make it the most user-friendly and realistically enjoyable casino experience possible.

Holographic Technology

The industry’s most exciting pet project is still in development. This doesn’t mean, however, that there are no inventions for the world to admire and imagine what their eventual real-life uses might be. On the contrary, companies across the globe are constantly pushing the boundaries of digital and engineering technology in pursuit of 3D wonders. One among several examples provided by Interesting Engineering of what holograms are supposed to do and look like is the Hypervsn Wall. Hundreds of small propellers mounted with high tech LED lights spin faster than the eye can see and project stunning RGB color images in the air up to 10x20 metres in size. Additional advancements in tangible holograms have also been made, steadily approaching tech fans’ Star Trek dreams.

The digital age is far from done in impressing the world with its innovations. What’s always interesting to observe is which of all such wonders are truly adopted by the public. The aim of each new product is to become indispensable to 21st-century society. It’s safe to say that, as far as entertainment is concerned, technology is on the right track.