Tech Empowering Women


Guest blog by Nichole Heydenburg

Sir William Gerald Golding said, "Women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been." But this is only one side of the coin. Then the second side comes and tell us the brutal truth about women’s position in our men-centric society. 

Undoubtedly, women live with different roles and responsibilities every single day. Women are the pillars of any society. The women around us, the happy daughters, the sensitive mothers, the able supporters, and many other roles have been played with excellent efficiency and mildness. But even today, society ignores a female’s role in many parts of the world. Because of this, women bear the brunt of inequality, harassment, financial dependence, and other social evils on a large scale. Over the decades, these bonds have been hindering women from achieving professional and personal heights. However, technology can help us change this. Here are several ways that technology empowers future female tech leaders:

Technology Makes Women Empowered, Comfortable, and Safe

Today women are more committed to their workplace; more women than ever are enduring late nights of staying at their workplace. Technology is also encouraging women to feel comfortable and secure at the workplace, as well as outside with various mobile apps developed to step in and improve women's safety. According to statements of the FICCI (The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry), panelist Pahuja said, "Several current Government Policies and Digital Technology are contributing an essential role in empowering women in a certain way.”

Technology Tries to Close the Gender Gap  

Did you know more than 190 million men have access to the Internet than women across the world? How can we fill this gender-based gap with the Internet? The Global Fund for Women's Technology Initiative will encourage society to fill this gap and provide females, whether they are career-driven, homemakers, mothers, daughters, or entrepreneurs, the tools and access they want and need. We will support efforts which focus on the production of new technology. We will support groups of women who use such technology to solve issues including violence against women, safety and access to safe places, political empowerment, education, and health care for women.

Technology Focuses on Women’s Literacy

You can see various ads or social media posts asking people to educate their daughters, wives, and other females to use computers, the Internet, and technology.  Technology literacy is another way to fill the gender gap and make women empowered to pursue their dream in any field they choose.

The government and women welfare organizations are widely investing in such projects where tech savvy females provide training to young girls ages 12-18. Also, they train teen girls to build self-confidence and encourage them to take other skill-building courses, besides computer classes and tech training. To increase women's confidence and to improve government-run campaigns, ads which tell women about their human and legal rights and how to ensure they are recognized can be extremely helpful.

Technology Drives Women’s Movements

Digital technology is an increasingly vital tool for the campaign, allowing organizations and networks to exchange information and organize in geographic locations rapidly. It also creates opportunities to listen and share various types of voices- which are an essential feature of strong social movements.

Technology Brings More Platforms for Women to Stand Out in a Male-centric Society

YouTube is one platform where we can see many female YouTube stars shining, while showcasing their skills and abilities to the world. Creating YouTube videos also gives certain women an opportunity to become economically stable. Like other types of digital platforms, YouTube can not only aid women in becoming financially secure, but also allows females to raise their voice on any issue they choose, whether it is national or international.

Technology plows ahead now to empower women. Creative technology-based software for gender equality issues such as violence, health, economic, and political empowerment is creating safe online spaces for women and girls, reducing cybercrime, and encouraging women's rights. More females are working in leadership roles, developing and improving technology, especially to help promote women's rights.

Thanks to technology, we have stronger, more comprehensive national and international women's campaigns, regularly collaborating to share sources and ideas, improve common advocacy strategies, and make the world a better place for future generations of women.

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Nichole Heydenburg is the Content Manager for
Apex Waves, an electronic test equipment company specializing in discontinued and obsolete products, based in Cary, NC.