Next Tech Girls interview with Michelle Hua

Here is how I got into Tech

I won a wearable technology hackathon after having the idea of turning gloves into fashionable heated gloves with sensors. With a background in law, I resigned from my job as a lawyer of eight years and pursued my idea. I learnt everything myself and asked a lot of questions while developing my prototype. I’m still learning everyday.

During this time however, I found a lack of women in wearable tech, so I started Women of Wearables with a woman who was also a former lawyer and who also co-founded Kisha, a smart umbrella you cannot lose.

We started WoW, Women of Wearables, to inspire, support and connect women in wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT and augmented and virtual realities through our events and wearable tech workshops for girls aged 10 and over. It has been amazing and our support from our community inspires us to keep learning and keep pushing the boundaries, that being in tech is not just for men.

Here is one line to inspire you

Try everything once and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Explore, learn and ask questions to help you in your journey to becoming your unique self. Because being you is what makes you special.


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