Inspiring our Future Tech Innovators at Wired Next Generation


By Michelle Hua @MadewithGlove

Wired Next Generation festival inspires the next generation of scientists, strategists and entrepreneurs providing them with a unique educational and interactive festival dedicated to, and designed for, youths aged 12-18. Perfect for school groups, parents and children, and associations looking for a field day for their teenagers, this event focuses on science, technology and more.

Amongst the excellent speakers, interactive workshops, gravity demonstrations and panel speakers, Made With Glove in conjunction with Women of Wearables taught over 100 future innovators how to make touch screen gloves in as little as 15 minutes. Our drop in workshop was constantly busy throughout the day with many students and some adults joining in to learn how they can keep warm while also being able to use their smart devices.

And with fashion and technology being our mantra when creating wearable tech projects, our future innovators were also able to be creative and decorate their smart gloves. Wearable tech fashion is as much about technology as it is about fashion.

Wearable tech fashion is as much about technology as it is about fashion.

Our team - Michelle, Marija and Rachael

Our team - Michelle, Marija and Rachael

Thank you to Qualcomm Ventures who powered our wearable tech workshop, to Wired Next Generation for helping us inspire our future innovators as well as our fantastic volunteers Yara and Marine who were amazing female role models to our future innovators.



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This blog was written by Michelle Hua. Based in Manchester UK, Michelle is the founder and CEO of Made With Glove and Manchester Ambassador of Women of Wearables. Visit or follow Michelle on Twitter @MadeWithGlove