In collaboration with WoW Manila, Singapore Launches FemTech: Introduction to Women's Self Care

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There is a stereotype that women and technology don’t mix. In the generation we have today, little by little, women are getting more recognition in the tech industry. Women’s tech is often unacknowledged, but serves a great importance to society.

This urged Women of Wearables, Girls in Tech Singapore, The Co. and H.E.R Entrepreneur to collaborate and host the very first FemTech event in Singapore.

From the words “female” and “technology”, FemTech came about back in 2016 when the Founder of the period and fertility tracking app called Clue, Ida Tin, introduced it as technology and products that focus on women’s health. 

FemTech event was held at The Co. 75 High Street, Singapore, 179435, Singapore on September 18, 2019. 

The event explored the FemTech & Women's self-care space and invited some leading experts such as Jacqueline Kressner, the founder of FemCY, Navneet Kaur, the founder of Yours., Kanika Agarwal, the founder of MindPeers and Nina Devouge, the founder of Honest Green Mama, to discuss the developments and opportunities happening within this exciting new female-led industry.

Event’s official media partner was Ambidextr, a content marketing and events management company focused on serving tech companies in Asia Pacific.

“FemTech is a category of technology that usually goes unnoticed, but should be discussed. This event normalizes the discussion and takes away the uncomfortability of talking about fem-focused technology, as it should,” said Kyle Nate, the head of partnerships of Ambidextr. 

Support some of the leading women in Asia who are currently shaking up the female healthcare & self-care industry and contributing to a USD50Bn global FemTech industry by 2025!

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