How technology is helping women during menopause and beyond, feat. our Bay Area Ambassador Nicole Dahlstrom


By Shannon Perry

If ever there were an argument for developing stasis pods to sleep through a rough patch, the years of perimenopause and through the menopause transition are about as convincing as it gets.

Hot (and cold!) flashes, anxiety, fatigue, lack of sexual desire, incontinence – while not all symptoms happen to all women or happen to the same degree, it’s a rare woman whose periods just stop without other indications of “the change.”

Further, because each woman’s experience of menopause is as unique as she is, one-size-fits-all (or in fact anyone) solutions are pretty thin on the ground.

Still, lives have to be lived, work needs to be done, children and aging parents need attention and care, and frankly, we deserve to enjoy all the pleasures of life fully and without pain, discomfort, or embarrassment.


Where can we look for relief?

Technology and tech innovators are really stepping up to fill the gaps in menopause symptom relief. Often referred to as “FemTech,” a term coined by Ida Tin, founder of the fertility and period tracking app Clue, technology that helps women with specifically female issues can make life a whole lot better.

To get more information, I went to Nicole Dahlstrom, leader, speaker, and FemTech expert. Nicole supports a global community of female health innovators through organizing unique events, showcasing new products and services, and connecting to a network of partners. As the founder of FemTech Collective and the Bay Area ambassador to Women of Wearables, she has an eye on what’s here already and what’s coming up.

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