How CodaKid Prepares Girls for STEM Success

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Blog by Katherine Lutz

Nowadays, woman account for a higher percentage of college degrees earned than men.

However, the ratio of women to men in STEM programs remains wildly unbalanced, with woman earning significantly fewer computer science, engineering and math degrees in the U.S. in present day.

Girls show interest in math and science in elementary school, so how can we make sure we help them keep that same energy and prepare them for STEM success later on?

Overcoming Barriers

It is clear that there are some roadblocks for girls in the field of STEM, particularly in terms of cultural bias and gatekeeping.

There is often pressure that pushes boys into STEM fields and girls away from them since they are historically male-dominated areas.

Studies have shown time and time again, however, that young girls, particularly in elementary and middle school, often show the same proclivity for excelling in math and science as their male classmates.

This is exactly why we need to tackle this early on. By exposing our girls to the world of math and science early on in a fun and exciting way, we are helping to maintain their interest and shape it into potential career paths.

Coding is a specifically great way to do this because it has such a dynamic range of application in the job market as well as in personal recreation such as game creation.

Computer science also builds in a number of areas besides math and science, including things like problem solving, teamwork, creative arts and more.

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Coding as a Diverse Skill

Particularly in the modern age, coding and computer science are becoming increasingly important and have a steadily growing job market.

Coding classes can be a great way to start introducing your daughters to coding at a young age, helping to prepare them for a modern and competitive career path in STEM.

Since coding helps to shape the way your child thinks and applies their creative potential, it can help promote success in a number of academic areas. Confusion and failure can be frustration, easily turning kids away from certain subjects.

By making sure they are as prepared as possible, however, we can take steps to avoid that failure and frustration in the first place.

Additionally, even though coding is a lucrative skill in many fields like law, business, construction and more, computer science alone is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s job market.

By 2020, there will be nearly 1 million unfilled tech jobs. Computer-related occupations also make up over 60% of projected new job positions in STEM fields.

And, as if that isn’t already motivating enough, computer engineering jobs rank among the highest-paying positions for recent graduates, ensuring financial stability in an increasingly competitive job market.

David Dodge, CEO of CodaKid, strongly believes in the importance of these skills, stating:

“Computation is now such a big part of nearly every industry that it is critical for every student to learn the language of computers as early on as elementary school. Even students who don’t end up as software developers will need to understand computational thinking and data science in order to function in most jobs in fields like marketing, sales, customer service and operations. We need to do more.”

CodaKid is an online resource that teaches kids how to create games, apps and Minecraft mods through real programming languages and professional tools. The classes are self-paced and include live support from a team of engineers that are dedicated to helping kids succeed with a fun approach and small group attention.

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CodaKid’s Solutions

The courses are designed not only to teach kids how to code, but also to help them thoroughly understand the concepts to promote successful performance on their own.

Game design is a fun and engaging teaching method that gives kids the motivation and tenacity to really develop and fine-tune their skills. The longevity of this interest is critical in making sure our young girls maintain their curiosity and fascination with STEM topics.

In addition to the classes offered, CodKid also offers a great deal of free coding for kids information on the world of coding and how it may pertain to your children and their future.

By looking into this and finding ways to share this knowledge with your daughters, you are already giving them an advantage early on that could spike their interest in STEM topics and maintain that interest as they get older.

In Summary

We all want the best for our children and to make sure they follow their dreams to the best of their abilities.

For our girls specifically, we want to make sure they can jump over all of the societal barriers that may be keeping them from STEM degrees and fields. Simple introduction to coding early on is a fun and interesting way to help work towards securing a spot for them in their dream jobs in the future.

Through understanding the barriers girls face, recognizing the diverse uses of coding skills and looking into CodaKid’s solutions, closing the gap in STEM fields is possible.

Make sure you give the girls in your life a jumpstart by looking into CodaKid today!

This blog was written by Katherine Lutz. A recent honors graduate of Florida State University with a degree in English, Katherine has always been an avid and passionate writer. She has experience and skill in everything from creative writing to academic writing, with a particular love for poetry. Her work has been published numerous times in places like the Tallahassee Democrat and USAToday. She worked as a freelance writer at a local student-run newspaper during college and received promotions to the positions of Arts & Culture Editor and Editor-in-Chief during her years there. Since graduating, she has been doing a great deal of freelance work as she searches for a full-time position in PR, journalism, or stable content writing and editing positions.