4 unusual ways to find your style

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Classic ways to find style inspiration might be from clothing websites, Instagram pages or watching TV shows, but style is more than just what is on the outside. It is a first impression, confidence, comfort, a reflection of your personality. Everything you do to present yourself, right down to the way you wear technology, comes into this. No wonder it is often difficult to find your unique look.

So how can you find a way to style yourself that reflects how you truly want to be seen? Since style is a reflection of personality, there are a few slightly off-the-beaten-track ways to learn more about yourself to - in turn - help you define your fashion. Give them a try and you might just gain confidence with your wearables, to become the kind of fashion-forward woman we at WoW aspire to be.

Take a solo trip

It doesn't have to be far or for long, it could just be one day out, but take a trip that you are passionate about, with only yourself for company. Be alone and learn to embrace that, see what you daydream about and recognize how it makes you feel. You can learn so much from this independence. Taking time to be alone is underrated and it's important for self-development.

Get a tarot reading

Tarot readings are cheap and couldn't be easier - or more personal - with sites like TheCircle offering affordable minutes to call a Reader of your choice. You can gain a stranger's perspective, see what kind of energy and first impression you give off. Let them read you and you'll read yourself in a new way. This kind of talking about yourself and your future can help you address and realign what you want and where you want to be, a sure-fire way to discover a new direction with fashion.

Learn about minimalism

Loving your clothes and accessories is crucial to feeling confident in wearing them. If your wardrobe is cluttered and it's making you feel down, it might be time for a spring clean. Marie Kondo has been extremely popular recently, encouraging you to throw away the items which do not spark joy and reorganize your drawers to display all your clothes to choose from for the day. There are also plenty of minimalist blogs and channels on YouTube and a whole subculture out there to learn from.

Try an activity that makes you scared

If there's something you said you'd never do, do it. It could be outdoor adventure: climbing, parkour, white water rafting, something social like reaching out to an old friend or something small like trying a recipe from a cuisine you have never tried before. Each new experience brings a new outlook to our lives. Even if parts of the experience are unpleasant, the outcome is more knowledge and a better understanding of yourself. Plus, trying something new and out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to get inspired and make memories.

These four options might seem totally unrelated to your wardrobe, but give them a go - thinking outside the box or distracting yourself from it entirely are often excellent ways to rediscover inspiration.